Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Work Space

A recent issue of  "Easy Quilts"  published poll results.  They asked members of  the Quilters Club of America:

"How big is your sewing space?"

Here are the results:  2.9%:  Squished into a closet or worse
                                23.8%:  A borrowed corner of a bedroom or dining room
                                53.8%:  A cozy room just for me and my sewing
                                19.5%:  Nirvana!  A spacious room or large studio 

So it seems I'm in the minority (although it's a sizable one).
I'm in the second category of a borrowed corner of my bedroom.  Although the term "borrowed" seems a little vague-- maybe it's more of a Long Term Lease.  Anyway, here it is:

The light in this room is phenomenal, with the window on the left facing south and the french doors on the right facing west.

The tall white trash can on the right holds scraps.

Where did that dog come from, anyway?

The wooden chest of drawers used to be our bathroom sink.  Well, actually it was a normal chest of drawers which my husband made into a sink.  We  used it as a sink for many years, and I used the sewing machine table as a cutting table (not so convenient, as I had to move the sewing machine to do any cutting).  When we remodeled the bathroom this past spring, it began its new life as my cutting/work table.  My husband removed the sink fixtures and cut a piece of butcher block for the top.  As you can see, it holds my 36" cutting mat with room to spare.  And it's taller than the sewing machine table, so cutting is really comfortable (no hunching over!).
I use the two top drawers for thread storage:
And I drove nails into the side to hold rulers:

Deep drawers hold "for sale" items securely and safely:

Some of you have probably noticed that there's no fabric in the sewing room.  For now, the fabric lives in another room downstairs. 

One question that the "Easy Quilts" poll left out is "who has a separate house for quilting?".  I had an Etsy customer earlier this week who bought a selvage bath mat to use, and I quote, " in the bathroom of my quilting house".  My husband was skeptical when he heard this, and said it was a fancy name for her garage.  But I believe her, as I drool energetically with envy.  Although if I had a quilting house I would never spend any time in my real house, thus creating an endless conflict of interest and piles of guilt. So perhaps it's just as well.


  1. Tell your hubby I really do have a quilting house. A few years ago I made the comment if men can have shop buildings why can't women? He surprised me by buying a small house on the main street of our little town for a song. It was in horrible shape and I mean horrible! It took 6 years but it has been completely remodeled inside and an additon added. The house has new plumbing, wiring, sheetrock, windows and doors, a new kitchen and bathroom. The outside needs siding, a new porch and a new roof before long. My husband tore down old houses for years and kept the good parts so we didn't go in debt at all for my quilters heaven. What we didn't have we paid for as we went along.

    I belong to 2 sewing groups, one that meets weekly at my house and a guild. I love it! We have a guest house for company and I can walk off and leave a project in progress. Before quilters heaven I did my sewing in an attic room with no windows smaller than the corner of your bedroom. I like your well lit sewing area.

    I know what you mean about the guilt part. Sometimes I have a hard time balancing my time between 2 places. I do try to be here (at home) when my husband is. I try to have hand sewing to do in the evenings while we chat or watch TV.

    The only drawback is now I have 2 houses to clean. Maybe someday I will start a blog and post pictures. For now . . . I have more quilts to make!

  2. I KNEW IT! Your quilting house sounds awesome Claudia! And you're balancing your life and making everything work. Good for you. I'd be thrilled to post pictures of your house here if you'd like to be a guest blogger some day-- just let me know. For now, enjoy and happy quilting. And thanks for posting!

  3. My fantasy world!

    Though it would have to be joinjed at the hip to the other house so I could wander in and find the thread I forgot to bring into the other house for hand sewing with company and the TV.

    Judy B

  4. Linda, thank you so much for the offer to be a guest blogger. I will give that some thought.

    I love the chest that you have repurposed twice now.

    My new bath mat looks awesome! Thank you so much.

    Judy, you don't know how many times I have left something at one house that I needed at the other. The houses are about 10 blocks apart.

    Happy quilting,

  5. I will have to tell my husband I want a quilting house for Christmas. :) I did not know of their existence!

    I have a whole room dedicated to sewing but it never seems big enough. I remember what it was like having a craft corner. Always a challenge! Hard to believe you do all you do in that little corner Linda!

  6. hehe...I was picking up my granddaughter today from the bus and noticed the small house next to her moms is for sale..."you should buy it Gup [grandma]" said she. "A house all to myself...good idea!" and this is just what i would do with it!