Saturday, October 16, 2010

Be Careful What You Blog About

Yes, be careful what you blog about-- you might just have to make it. 
I chatted in this space, in what I thought was a harmless manner, about fabric scrap management on Sept. 22.  Wouldn't you know I had an immediate and unstoppable urge to make a scrap quilt.  Just Had To Do It.

Well, no problem really.  It's not like I don't have loads of scraps.  Some of them are in strips, some are shaped more like squares (and of course there are plenty of  amorphous "blob" shapes as well, perhaps best saved for applique).  I decided to use the squares first.
A simple enough design.  I think this is more white fabric than I've ever used in a quilt, but I'm kind of in love with this Kona off-white.  I used the Accuquilt Go cutter with the 4 1/2" square die, so it was super fast and easy, and I must say everything lined up really well.  

I put in quite a bit of quilting:  diagonal lines through the white squares, then horizontal lines just a little inside the seams so they're visible.  I'm starting to realize I'm not much of a "stitch in the ditch" fan, although it certainly has its place.  I like it when the quilting is a big part of the overall design of the quilt.  And I really like how the quilting on the border "frames" the whole thing like a picture.
I'm going to name this quilt "Intermission", because it felt like a nice break from structured quilting.  But like a 5 hour opera, there's more than one intermission!  I started another scrap quilt, this time to address the "strip" part of the scrap collection, so stay tuned.
By the way, this quilt has an absolutely beautiful backing fabric of golden lilies with green leaves and a blue background.  I took a picture of it but it came out TERRIBLE.  So I'll retake the picture and show you next post.


  1. Linda,
    I love your quilt! Isn't it funny that sometimes a quilt just has to be made...

  2. Thanks Amy! Glad to hear that I'm not the only one who gets that "must make it NOW" feeling! Anyone else?