Saturday, October 23, 2010

Finished Table Runner

As I expected, the checkerboard table runner was a fast finish.

I hadn't ever done quilting the layers and applique at the same time, but it came out well.  Doing the applique like this gave it a nice little bit of dimension, as opposed to how I've done it before (applique BEFORE putting the layers together, which makes the decorative stitching much flatter.)  The blanket stitches on the pink flower were a little tricky to place, because the metal foot was hiding where the next stitch would fall.  A clear plastic foot option for the walking foot would be a great solution (are you listening, Husqvarna Viking Executives?).

The other flowers received a satin stitch, or a narrow zig zag.  And the leaves each got their own fancy embellishment.  There's a little meandering with invisible thread to hold the whole thing together.

Of course, since I quilted and appliqued at the same time all of the stitches show on the back.  I think it's fine with a large busy print like this.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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