Monday, October 11, 2010

Wardrobe Crisis

You'll recall my post from Sept. 11, when I talked about the blue square and linen dream quilt.  I mentioned that since it came out so well that it was going to be a wedding gift for friends of ours.  Well, the wedding was yesterday, and while I was thrilled to go it generated a wardrobe crisis.

I go to alot of weddings, but almost exclusively as hired help, usually as part of some sort of small ensemble that plays at the ceremony, or sometimes at the reception.  So it's All Black Clothes All The Time.  And that's what we wear for concerts.  Long pants or a long (or at least calf-length) skirt, long sleeve top.  Showing knees or elbows is a no-no.  And the rest of the time?  Jeans.  Shorts.  Sandals or (yo-yo embellished) flip flops.  None of this sounds right for a wedding.  And, my husband and son and myself WERE the wedding party and sole guests for this small and relatively informal wedding.  But still.  One has to look nice to stand up with the bride.

So for the first time in MANY years (I think at least 10) I bought a new dress.  I tried on at least 342 dresses, and finally found the right one.
Nice.  Love the color.

And the price was right for an underemployed violinist.  Gotta love the Dillards' outlet!

Somewhat uncomfortable (but not impossibly so) black sandals, vintage earrings, and a fabulous beaded bag (an old one of my mom's) completed the ensemble.

That bag is really something special.  It has a beautiful satin lining and a little change purse inside.  I can't imagine how all those beads would be attached by hand.  I just use it for very special occasions.

So this wedding was a first for me because it was held on a big cruise ship, the Holland America MS Ryndam.  I've never been on a cruise ship before; to be honest, I practically get seasick in the bathtub, so cruising has not been  high on my list of things I want to do.  Luckily, the ship was docked, so no possibility of getting the queasies.  The ceremony was in the "crows nest" way on top of the boat.  It looks like an elegant bar/lounge/dancing area but we had it all to ourselves for the ceremony and a short reception afterwards.  Then we were free to wander the ship as we liked until it departed later that afternoon.  I was impressed when I saw our friends' cabin-- it was much more spacious than I would have imagined.  And we enjoyed a nice buffet lunch at one of the restaurants.  I can see how it could be really fun and relaxing to take a cruise.  So maybe I'll stock up on Dramamine one day and go!
In the meantime, many good wishes to the bride and groom!  They're now on their honeymoon cruise for a week, then they're taking an additional honeymoon week at home.

Oh, and they got their quilt earlier in the week, as no gifts were allowed on board.  They really love it!  You can see another shot of this quilt at the very top of this page. In the picture that is the banner for this blog, the violin is sitting on this quilt!