Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Zipper Phobia

I've been quilting since 1992, when I took a beginner's class on a whim to pass the time in the summer, when I don't have much orchestra work.  So I've been quilting for a long time.  But the last time I really sewed was Home Ec class, circa 197. . .. well, never mind.  It's been awhile.

So I've been trying to learn how to sew, just basic, simple stuff like little bags, potholders, that kind of thing.  It's a nice break from doing Epic Projects like a quilt.  And these small items can be really useful, both for myself and as gifts for friends, or to have some variation of my shop stock.

At the beginning of the summer I sewed my first zippered pouch:
It's a little bit floppy because it's just the exterior and interior fabrics-- no batting or stabilizer.  But other than that I think it came out really cute.  I use it to store extra sewing machine feet.

Plus, I thought I had Conquered The Zipper. {Laughs bitterly, and with a touch of irony}

So yesterday I decided to try another pouch, this one with batting and a little quilting for better stability.  The pattern was from a different author and source from the first one.

Oops.  Somehow it got sewn shut with the zipper closed.  I ripped a seam to get it open.

Ugh.  Why is the raw edge of the zipper showing?  And only on that side?

Oy.  FAIL.  And it gave me a headache as well.

Well, I've heard SOMEWHERE that practice makes perfect (!).  So I will try again with a different pattern that will maybe make a little more sense.

At least the fabric is cute.

But the day was not a total loss.

On Sunday night, when I was performing Haydn's Creation, instead of thinking about Haydn's Creation, I was thinking about a little quilted eyeglass case.  So I made that as well.

I used really soft flannel for the lining.  You can just make out the snap closure at the top on the inside.  It holds my glasses well, although it would need to be larger for sunglasses.  There's batting in between to protect the lenses.

Also, a little business card holder to keep in my purse. (Spoiler Alert:  Shameless Plug for The Quilting Violinist ahead!)

The closure for that one is two shank buttons sewn on either side, with a hair elastic (attached under one button) going over the top.

Here's a better view.  The hair elastic is sewn on one side only, so you can slip it open to get a card.

Well, I refuse to be conquered by a $1.49 zipper!  I will try a zippered pouch again and report back.  Wish me luck!!


  1. Just a suggestion--put the zipper in before you sew the side and bottom seam. That way you're working with two flat pieces of fabric (even with batting added)!
    Lurking Linda

  2. Oh yes. You're absolutely right--but I was trying to follow the directions exactly. Thanks for the tip, LL!