Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New Projects

I think my favorite quilts from 2010 were the Intermission series.

This one, which sold on Etsy.

And this one, which  I sold at work.

I love the look of the scraps paired with the solid cream. There's just something about it that I really love.

So I was thinking about continuing this series of quilts.  But let's not forget our New Year's Resolution:  keep learning (and having fun).  So to expand the Intermission series, I decided to take the same basic idea (scraps paired with a solid) but shake it up a little.

I'm fascinated by this color :  Stone, by Moda fabrics (it's from their Bella Solids line).  Is it grey?  Not really.  Brown?  No.  Taupe?  Negative.  And isn't there just the tiniest hint of lavender in there?  Well, obviously the Fabric Namers at Moda also had no idea what color it is-- I mean, what kind of a description is the word "stone", anyway?  So this greybrowntaupe-ish color will be the solid shade for the next Intermission quilt.

  And look how it changes color when placed on a lighter surface!  I do like how the colored fabrics kind of glow against it.  (I haven't actually chosen any other fabrics to go in this quilt, those were just ones I had close at hand for the picture.)

Also in the 2011 version:

Half square triangles!  I chose the 4" finished size of the Accuquilt die, which made the most sense, as I already have the 4" finished square die.  Yes, I know how to make them the Old Fashioned way.  But this will be much faster and more accurate.  And no little dog-eared points to trim off!  I've done very little work with triangles so I'm looking forward to this project.

Hope everyone has an exciting project to kick off 2011!

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  1. Will wait to see a picture of the completed item.