Tuesday, January 18, 2011

An Obsession is Born

On January 3rd I mentioned here that I was thinking about a new style of quilt (new for me, that is), one using half square triangles, something I really haven't done before.

I started cutting yesterday.  Oh boy, am I in trouble.

WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?  Oh, I get it.  Some things you just have to find out for yourself.  And that is:
These are just way too much fun.  I made a bunch and then started playing with them.  There are, of course, quite a few possibilities for block arrangement designs:
 The classic All In a Row.  It's hard to go wrong with this layout.

Is there anyone who doesn't like pinwheels?

This is a really interesting use of positive and negative space.  How about a little applique flower in the middle of the solid block on the right?

But this is the one that's getting me all excited right now.  Zig zag.  It looks fresh and fun, especially with the mix of the solid taupegraybrown-ish and the bright prints.  So the first quilt will be this pattern.  But I will probably have to make a bunch of these just to get them out of my system, and explore all of the design possibilities.

So let's declare 2011 The Year of the Half Square Triangle!

 In other quilting news, I completed a third Bohemian Baby quilt, this one in more girly colors than the previous 2 have been.  The cool pink and brown peace and love fabric on the border is also on the back.  And don't we love a 36" square quilt:  a one piece back, and small it's enough to baste on the dining room table!


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