Friday, February 4, 2011

Half Square Triangle Quilt Complete!

This was really fun.

I named it "Zig Zag Adventure" because it was a completely new experience for me.

I ended up doing a variety of quilting on it.

I felt obligated to put some zig zag stitching in there, seeing as it's a zig zag quilt.  So that's along the edges.  There's also straight line stitching.

Plus free motion flowers to fill in, and soften things up a little.  It's still a thrill, and a little bit of a surprise, for me to say, "Yes.  Free motion.  I can do it!"  There's still plenty to learn about it.  But I feel like I'm bridging the gap between how I WANT things to look and how I'm ABLE to make things look.

I love this fabric on the back.  My mom always said that pink and orange don't go together. Your mom might have said the same thing.  But I think she was wrong.

This quilt crinkled up DELIGHTFULLY after washing and drying.  I'm assuming all of the bias edge on the triangles would have had something to do with that.

Wiregrass Market tomorrow 10 - 3, come by if you're around!  You can read more about it here:


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  1. I love your quilt. That was a whole lot of work but it came out beautifully! Good luck at market tomorrow. If I lived close I would be sure to attend.