Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Quick Quilt

A  few months ago I helped another quilt guild member downsize her fabric stash.  After many years of living alone, she was getting married and moving into her new husbands house.  That meant she wasn't going to be able to use her entire house as a quilt studio anymore, she was just going to have 1 bedroom available.  So culling the collection was in order.

Most of it went to our charity quilt projects.  But you know how it is with fabric.  Some of it went into its own separate pile, and ended up in my car, and then on my fabric shelf at home.  One of these was a large piece of this absolutely adorable VW Bug fabric, which I made into a quick quilt last week.

 This is one of the fastest quilts I've ever made.   Here's how it's made:

12 10" blocks of the featured fabric

sash the blocks on 2 opposite sides with 2 1/2 x 10" strips

sew into 4 rows, 3 blocks in each row

The rows at the top and bottom get sashing on both long sides

The rows in the middle get sashed on one side.

Sew the rows together.

Baste, quilt as desired and bind.  When I was cutting the 2 1/2" strips for the sashing I cut extra for the binding as well

I'm getting  alot of mileage out of that peace sign fabric!  It's been in all 3 of the Bohemian Baby quilts that I've done recently.

I quilted this quilt with straight lines and a little decorative stitching in the sashing, then little free motion flowers to fill in the large blocks.

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