Monday, May 30, 2011

Welcome Summer

Since this quilt was finished during Memorial Day weekend, it seemed only fitting to name it Summer Day:

You'll recall that I had 80 1/2 square triangles that I bought cut and ready to go.

The narrow strips are 2 1/2", and the wider ones on the sides are 5 1/2"

I free-motion quilted a row of flowers through the centers of the square blocks.  This went pretty quickly, since I didn't have to stop until I got to the bottom of each row.

The flower is a little easier to see in this photo.  I did a different color thread for each row.

There's stitching with the walking foot on the long strips.

The white borders got stippled.  The fabric looks solid white in the picture, but it's actually a tiny white on white floral pattern.

The yellow borders just got a straight line.  I like it when the quilting acts like a picture frame like that.

Hope everyone's had a wonderful holiday weekend!


  1. Perfect quilting for a "Summer Day" quilt. :) I love the wavy line sandwiched between straight lines on the inner stripes.

  2. Beautiful! It reminds me of a tall frosty lemonade.