Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Circles and Squares

This was supposed to be a completely different quilt.

I mentioned in this post that I had gotten fabric for an applique quilt.  All true.

Here is the pattern that I had in mind:

 Simple enough, but really clever and different.  12 1/2" squares with 10" appliqued circles, and 6 1/2" squares with 4" applique circles.  It's a lap size quilt, about 50 x 70" (although of course this one can be made any size, just add or subtract blocks.).

But as I looked at my selected fabrics I realized that the pattern wasn't going to work so well, mostly because of the large scale of my selected prints.  I mean, why would you take a big beautiful print like "Big Poppy" and then applique something on top of it?   So some sort of adjustment was in order.

The Big Poppy collection by Laura Gunn, and Pop Garden by Heather Bailey (on the right)

Well, the answer of course was less applique.

Instead of lots of large, solid circles, there are four cutout ones on each corner.

The smaller circles went in the center of the 4 patch blocks.

There's a small green print on the back (nothing too exciting there, just a nice coordinating color) and a black and white stripe binding, which is kind of bold but I think looks snazzy, particularly since this quilt doesn't have any borders.

Well, I must have done SOMETHING right because this one sold about an hour after posting in my Etsy store! (Note to self:  make more quilts like this one.)

About the original pattern:  I still find it very intriguing.  Now I think it could work very well as an All-Something quilt.  And by that I mean All- solids, or All-plaids. Or how about an insomnia-inducing All-polka dots (now THAT could be really fabulous).   

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