Friday, August 12, 2011

Sherbet Pips!

I had no idea how educational one simple Jelly Roll of Sherbet Pips plus one quilt pattern was going to end up being.  This quilt ended up having quite a few items on the list of Things I Should Have Thought Of Before Starting, But Didn't.

  You can see it's a really cute pattern.  It looks kind of complicated but it's just 2 blocks (A and B) arranged in various combinations.

Issue #1:  Using a pre-cut Jelly Roll was an incredible time saver, as there a lot of pieces in this quilt.  But pre-cut means of course that it's just cut the way it's cut.  Hence, a few of the children ended up beheaded.  Sorry, kids.

Also, I had to make an Executive Decision about direction.  Should the pattern face all one way in the same block, or opposite?  I decided to have the patterns facing each other (check out the kids below and you'll see what I mean).  This way there's pattern right side up regardless of which way you look at the quilt.

    One of the reasons I liked this collection was its use of GRAY.  I have no gray in my fabric collection, and I don't think I've ever used it in any of my quilts.  So this was a great way to get my feet wet, so to speak.

 It's free-motion quilted, but with somewhat crooked straight lines (think jigsaw puzzle pieces).

And you can see by the color of the little girl's hair why I thought yellow would be a good accent color.  It's a bold choice, and not one that I've seen before with this collection (other quilters have typically gone with white, or pale blue, also good choices.)

I wanted to call this quilt The Recess Quilt.  But a few days ago Etsy changed their search function from recentness of listing to RELEVANCY.  So how many potential customers are going to type "Recess Lap Quilt" into the search box?  Right.  So, to appease the Relevancy and Search Engine Optimization Gods, it's called Lap Quilt Retro Rectangles.

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