Saturday, September 3, 2011

A New Market

I'm scheduled to make my Vendor Debut at the Hyde Park Fresh Market tomorrow!
It's run by the same folks who manage the Sunday Morning Market, which was such a wonderful experience for me last winter and spring.  That market starts again in October, and I'm signed up to do the whole season this year (with just a few exceptions due to scheduling conflicts with the orchestra.)  So for most months this season (through May) I'll be at this new market the first Sunday of the month, then the Sunday Morning Market the second Sunday of the month.

Now, there might be a problem for tomorrow (Sunday):

Well, that's the risk you take for doing outdoor events.  So we'll see what happens.

Well, whether I end up going tomorrow or waiting until next month, I've spent the summer thinking about how I could enhance my market merchandise.  I have some new items that I'm looking forward to presenting:

Everyday Napkins.  These are just going to be mix and match in a pretty basket.  I made 15" squares and overcast the edges.

We've been using cloth napkins that I made in this manner for a couple of years at our house, and they're wonderful.

It's also a great way to use up leftover fabric, maybe some older pieces, and novelty fabrics also.

    I like it when things go together but don't match, like these two fabrics.

Or these, a more traditional floral approach.

Anything that's "eco-friendly" is big at these markets, so I'm hoping that these will generate some interest.

HOW CUTE ARE THESE?  Selvage key fobs.  I'm thinking about putting these in my Etsy store too.  I see a lot of the standard key fobs being sold there, but I haven't seen any with an "upcycled" approach.

Lastly, embellished lanyards for holding keys, ID badges, etc.  They're made mostly out of leftover quilt bindings that I had saved, which was perfect since they were already the required 2 1/2" wide strip.  Some of the strips got pieced together, and some of them were long enough ( at least 37") to start.  Super fast and easy, and how can you go wrong with yo-yos and buttons?

Also, after a long summer spent (happily) in a frenzy of sewing, I am well stocked with my usual market merchandise:  more quilts than I have room to display  (the queen size scrap quilt and the Xmas quilt will have to stay home tomorrow), lots of selvage bath mats, various table fashions, selvage scarves (also a new item for this market season).  So, whenever market season starts (hopefully tomorrow, but maybe not) I'M READY!!

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