Friday, December 2, 2011

Ready or Not

Here it comes.

I've been preparing for several months for this weekend, so ready or not, here it comes!


My first indoor, all handmade arts and crafts event!  More information is available here.


It's forecast to be a beautiful day, so it should be a great day at the market.

And, of course, in the evenings after both of these events I will be pursuing That Other Job:


Stefan Sanderling, conductor

Cornelia Herrmann, piano

Award-winning Austrian pianist Cornelia Herrmann performs Mozart’s sunny and buoyantPiano Concerto No. 21 on a program with Haydn’s La fedelta premiata overture and Bruckner’s monumental Symphony No. 3.

Well!  Sounds like a full weekend, yes?  If I'm still alive Monday I'll have pictures and a full report.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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