Friday, January 20, 2012

Quilt Show!

My dad is loving his new life at University Village.  It's what retirement living is all about-- all of his needs are met, so he has the time to enjoy a carefree and active lifestyle.  And when I say active, I mean ACTIVE.  There's stuff to do there 24/7, and it's a great bunch of energetic residents to do things with.  I think it's like summer camp, but with MUCH nicer bunks.  And it's only about 10 minutes drive away from us, so we see him all the time.

Needless to say, when he invited me to the Resident's Quilt Show I jumped at the chance to go.  I know there's an active crafting community there, and I figured there would be some interesting quilts to see.  And there were!

 Judging by the fabrics used, and some yellowing in the white parts, I'm guessing this Dresden Plate was one of the older quilts at this show.

Like many of the quilts there, this lovely traditional quilt was hand quilted.

I usually prefer leaf shapes that are appliqued, rather than pieced like this one.  But the colors and geometric pattern in this quilt were really beautiful.

This quilt was particularly interesting, in that the technique used to make the flower and butterfly shapes was to draw on the quilt with crayons, then iron over it with a paper bag to get the wax off, leaving the dye on the fabric.

I've never heard of this in all my years of quilting!

Here's a closeup.  It was really beautifully done.

Here's a nice, modern---HEY THAT'S MY QUILT!!  It's the one I gave to Dad for Christmas 2010 (see this post).  This was the first time one of my quilts has ever been displayed at a show like this, so I was pretty excited to see it there.

  This lap size quilt was an absolute knock-out in person.  The colored fabrics in the star blocks were made from the tribal skirts that male chiefs wear in South Africa.

The alternating blocks were hand quilted.  In black thread.  On white fabric.  That's confident stitching.

I'm no expert, but I did think this quilt was museum quality work.  Truly amazing.

This purple and green log cabin quilt had been a gift to the owner, and featured photo-transfers of her life.

Is there a little voice saying to you right now, "Gosh, that baby looks familiar"?
There should be.  You know that baby.  We all do.

This was on the back.

Holy cow, it's Ann Turner Cook, The Gerber Baby!
She's 85 and my dad's neighbor at University Village.

I certainly never expected to meet an American Icon at the quilt show!
(More info about her is available at her website).


  1. Golly, Linda, I think you have yet another career ahead of you in quilt show reviewing. That was GREAT! Second best thing to being there. Thanks.

  2. What a fun quilt show! Thanks so much for sharing it.

  3. What a nice show. I know you enjoy having your dad so close. It's great that the two of you can spend time together and share things you both enjoy. These quilts are really beautiful!