Thursday, June 28, 2012

Back in the swing

As soon as I could, I jumped back into quilting after arriving home from vacation late last Saturday.  I unpacked Sunday morning, tried to get some things organized (like laundry and the mail), then jumped in the car and drove through torrential rain (courtesy of Tropical Storm Debby, now thankfully departed) to Joann's to pick up my sewing machine.  I had it cleaned and serviced while we were away, thus avoiding Machine Separation Anxiety and other potentially psyche-damaging events while still having the necessary machine maintenance performed!

First things first:

I cranked out this selvage bath mat.  It's by far the most popular pattern and size that I've made, and one had sold just before we left on vacation, so I wanted to get another one done right away.  The size is 14 x 27", and I call this particular block arrangement "single bullseye".  It's about a 3 hour project.

You can see the other bath mat styles that I'm currently offering in my Etsy store.

I basted and quilted this quilt-- hooray!  I love bringing projects close to completion!

The irregular grid pattern of the blocks in this quilt opened up some interesting quilting possibilities.  I considered a number of options, then decided to go with an irregular pattern of a large zig zag meandering through the quilt, with stipples filling in the rest.

 I'm nearly done.  I think.  It's definitely a little hard to see the quilting, and harder to photograph well!  I'm hoping that the quilting will show a little bit more once the quilt has been washed.  But it's pretty neat in person!

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  1. lovely bath mat and that quilt is gorgeous! your quilting looks amazing! Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.