Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Stocking Up

One of my goals for this summer is to see how many items I can produce in anticipation for the following year in terms of live events plus online sales.  I have a feeling anyone who works in retail will say that sales are, in fact, IMPOSSIBLE to predict.  That's probably true.  But I like to think that as I approach the end of my 2nd year of business that some trends can be anticipated based on what's happened before.  So the question is,
"how ready can I be?"

  This "Summer Projects" list is taped to the wall above my cutting table.

I was tempted to add "Reinvent The Wheel" to it, but restrained myself.  There's enough on there as it is.

Bulk production, when possible, seems like a good idea.  I made 2 of each of these Office Lunch Sets (you'll recall that it's a single placemat and mug rug, meant to be used at the desk), so that when one sells, I'll have another one ready to go.

I finished these this morning.

Sometimes the coaster is the cutest part!

The Office Lunch Sets sell sporadically in my Etsy store, but are strong sellers at the markets that I do.

I'm committed to be a vendor at 17 events between October and May, and I'm still considering looking for an additional holiday event to do if I find something that looks good for me.

YIKES!  17 events?  I'd better get busy!

Also a strong seller from last season:  the applique table runner, using the "Autumn Medley" Accuquilt die.

Here's the first of several that I'm planning to do.

The leaves and pumpkins are fused applique:  I ironed the fusible to a scrap of fabric BEFORE running it through the Accuquilt, then I ironed the finished shape to the table runner top.  I did a narrow zig zag stitch around the edges, then basted and quilted the whole thing.

I love doing applique, so I'm looking forward to making more of these table runners!

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  1. Your items are sure cute, so sales should be good. You are certainly ambitious in getting ready for 17 events. I tend to try and make too many big things when I create in bulk. Good luck on your sales. Do you have a list of where these 17 events are taking place? Any in MO?