Monday, August 6, 2012

This Looks Familiar

Under the sewing machine needle today:

It's another custom order request for this style table runner.

You remember the original from my Etsy store :

Quilted Table Runner Modern White Bright Colors

I had thrown it together with leftover scraps from this quilt:

Modern Lap Quilt Bright Colors

The first custom order of this style table runner was a few months ago, and the customer had a specific fabric collection in mind:

This time around, the customer requested basically the same table runner, just a longer size.  The original was about 36" long.  This latest one is 60" long.  Other than that, it's the same Kaffe Fasset prints set with a bright white (Kona cotton in white, the color is actually called "White", and it's available at Joann's.)  The white is also on the back.

Since I'm getting an idea that this might be a popular item to have in stock, I made sure there were enough strips leftover to make another one for my shop, and to have at upcoming markets.

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  1. the gorgeous prints and colors - it looks great!