Saturday, September 1, 2012

Thread Obsessed

I am newly Obsessed with Thread.

I'm blaming the Sweet 16, which I've been getting acquainted with for the past 2 weeks or so.

Like all longarm quilting machines, it has a cone setup for thread delivery, as opposed to the spools we use on domestic machines.  So a fresh wardrobe of thread is in order.

When the machine arrived there was a nice little present enclosed from Superior Threads:  a spool of "Bottom Line" bobbin thread (that's the white cone), plus 2 other threads and a pre-wound bobbin.

I like the Bottom Line-- it's easy to work with.  And because it's thin (50 weight) one of those big M class bobbins lasts FOREVER when wound with this thread.

But I wasn't crazy about the other two threads.

When I went to Heartfelt Quilting for my training on the Sweet 16, I picked up a few cones of Isacord 40 weight thread and felt after trying it that it was by far the best I had tried. So I ordered a bunch from this store on Ebay.  It arrived today.

The listing was for 25 of their best selling colors.  Since I need all colors, it was fine to let the vendor chose for me. I can fill in whatever else I need individually.  This seems like a nice range of colors, certainly enough to get started with!

And while these are cones, and wound differently than spools, you CAN use these on your domestic machine:  just don't use the top cap of your thread holder, so the thread can unwind properly off the cone.  It works just fine.

And as long as we're on the subject of thread and machine compatibility:

This is the Horizontal Spool Holder for the Sweet 16, so now I can, in fact, use spools as well as cones on BOTH machines.

That is, as soon as I figure out how to attach it!  It arrived as you see it, without any instructions.

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