Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Little Things

The long, long summer off from orchestra work is drawing to a close.

In a few short days I will go from being a lady of leisure, (or as close as I get to being one) to a violin playing, market vending whirlwind!  The Hyde Park Market starts its fall season on Sunday, then Florida Orchestra rehearsals begin next Wednesday, then the Seminole Heights Market is on the following Sunday!

I feel like I'm as ready as I could be for all events!

To keep busy and out of trouble for the remaining few days, I have become obsessed with sewing some Little Things.

It's out of necessity:

My storage areas are stuffed to capacity with all of the projects I've made this summer.

But you can always find storage space for a few little things.  And I think it's always a good idea to have a stock of inexpensive items on hand to sell at markets.

How about some Halloween mug rugs?

That cupcake fabric was in the remnant bin at Joann's, and I just couldn't resist it.

Here are some "seasonless" ones as well.

Tissue holders-- would you believe I've never made these before?   They're possibly the Best Scrap Eaters EVER.
I used this tutorial but with one change:  the instructions call for a 1/2" seam allowance, which I found made the finished product too small to hold the tissue pack.  A standard 1/4" seam allowance worked just fine.

I think that's a great looking display for the market!

And I couldn't resist doing a selvage one for the "Other Selvage Items" section of my Etsy store.

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  1. Your tissue holders are cute. I especially like the selvage one because I am obsessed with making things with selvages. That won't reduce my stash very quickly though. Good luck at your markets.