Saturday, January 12, 2013

This is not my quilt

Back in August, when I bought the HQ Sweet Sixteen, I thought it would be an interesting new facet to my business to offer quilt completion services.  So I researched prices and came up with a price list for the  services that I would offer-- basting, quilting and binding.  I priced all of these elements separately, so the customer would have complete control over how much or how little they wanted me to do.  And everything is priced by the inch, making it easy and consistent to come up with the final price.

Here's my first order:
Christina made this quilt top
A customer approached me at the Seminole Heights Market last month and inquired about completing this quilt. We met up this morning, and here it is!

I love it, and wish I had made it myself!

It's a small lap quilt, about 53" square, so it won't take me very long at all to baste and quilt.

When I asked about what she was thinking in terms of what sort of quilting I might do for her, this was her answer:

"You can do whatever you like".
This is going to be fun!


  1. It's a lovely quilt but I hate to say there is a block that's not quite right, sorry to be a Job's comforter

  2. Super blocks for Christina's quilt. I also spotted the error in the light block in the middle row, and wonder if Christina will want to un-stitch it and set it right. Have fun quilting it when you do. Margaret