Friday, April 19, 2013

Into the Maze

I had an interesting custom order request last Sunday from customers at the Seminole Heights Market.

Could I make a set Labyrinth placemats?

Apparently there are people who are really into labyrinths.

photo courtesy of the Labyrinth Society

A quick look at the Labyrinth Society website (here) was quite revealing about the philosophy behind it, and the attraction.  It's not unlike yoga, which I do regularly-- you have to concentrate solely on what you're doing, thus freeing, and refreshing, the mind from everyday stresses.  Doing yoga, you have to concentrate on the pose or you'll fall over (sometimes I fall over anyway).  In the labyrinth, you have to find your way to the center, then find your way out again.

Anyway, this was quite enlightening, and educational.  Meanwhile, I had to research fabric options-- I told the customers that if I could find the fabric, I would be happy to make the placemats for them.

 I was surprised by how many choices there were when I typed "maze fabric" into the search bar!

Dwell Studio Maze Work Brindle    MDCNT4CC  KASCB7DF

After emailing a few options, my customers chose this one:  "Juggling Summer" from Moda.

It's really neat fabric, and that abstract swirl fabric on the right from my own stash will be perfect for the back.

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