Friday, September 6, 2013

Load em' up!

I'm getting ready for a BIG craft show tomorrow:

There are going to be about 50 vendors, which is a lot for an indoor show.  And it's all handmade and vintage items only-- no new mass produced merchandise allowed.  Their Facebook page reported a few days ago that they have sold over 1000 pairs of advance admission tickets through a Living Social offer, which is a good sign that customers are planning on attending. And it's a very, very interesting mix of vendors offering a wide variety of products (the vendor list is here if you want to take a look).  I'm hoping for a really fun day there!

Well,  the venue is about 95 miles away from my home, so it will be an early start for me tomorrow morning.  A little car loading today will save time tomorrow morning.

I'm starting to get this Indoor Show Setup operation down to a Science!

If I load all of the display pieces (grid walls, a ladder for holding quilts, and my chair) to the left, I will be able to easily slide in large bins of merchandise on the right side.

The arrow is pointing to a Craft Show Must Have:

30.5 Inch Black Frame Director Chair My tall director's chair enables me to sit and still interact with customers at eye level.  Most indoor shows provide vendors with a metal folding chair.  But I have found that they're not all that useful-- you end up jumping up and down all day, or just end up standing all day.  I'm too old for either of those.  So my chair goes with me to all events.  (I bought it from Hayneedle)

Also a necessity at an indoor event:  some sort of transport system to get your gear from the parking lot to your space inside.

Many vendors have this folding wagon from Sam's Club.  It's compact and lightweight.

I love how it fits in the space between the passenger seat and the back seat (which is folded down)

For safety's sake, I'll load up the bins of merchandise tomorrow morning, just before I leave.  In the (unlikely) event of something happening to my car overnight, the display pieces can be easily replaced; my quilted items, not so much.

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