Saturday, December 6, 2014

Going to the Dogs

An unusual custom order has come my way.

A customer wanted to know if I could make a quilt out of dog kerchiefs.  Apparantly, she had saved the kerchiefs her poodles had been given at the groomer's.

She owned a series of 5 poodles over the course of
nearly 20 years.  And every week the poodles
went to the groomer for a bath, and a kerchief.

So she had saved literally 100's of kerchiefs, enough for a queen size quilt.  Almost all of them are cotton or cotton blend, perfectly suitable for quilting.

They had already been washed and dried and stored in bags.
The first thing to do was to sort them by color.  
Next:  find a pattern!

The kerchiefs are all different sizes, and some only roughly approximate of a triangle.  Further trimming down to a standardized size will be necessary, regardless of pattern.

Surely this quilt will EPITOMIZE the spirit of scrap quilting, so this book (which I've owned for awhile, waiting for that perfect scrap project to come along) seemed like a logical place to look for a pattern. 

I think this pattern will be perfect!

 If I make the blocks exactly 2x as large as the pattern the quilt will be queen size.

It will also enable trimming the kerchiefs into a manageable rectangle for easier and more accurage pieceing.

And it's a cool pattern!

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  1. How interesting! And what a good idea for her to have done with those hankies.