Monday, August 10, 2015

Getting Silly

A small purchase for my home inspired an attack of Crafting Silliness.

It's just a simple Reading Wedge-type pillow, something that I've wanted for a while and finally found at Target.  (It's a seasonal "Back to School" type item, available now but not all the time).

I didn't initially object to the plain beige pillow cover, as my bedroom has acid green walls and a wide rotation of bed quilts in many colors.  Best to keep the accessories simple, and neutral.

But the poor thing is Just So Plain.   And I couldn't resist.

Time to break out the ric-rack and yo-yos!

Now, if you were really dedicated this could be a sewing project-- the pillow cover is removable.  But I decided to keep it fun and easy and used fabric glue, which is really strong and washable, and there was no need to remove the cover.

For a project like this, remember Linda's First Rule of Embellishment:

If Some is Good, More Must Be Better

I love it!

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