Monday, March 7, 2016

For The Girls

My first custom order of 2016 has arrived in the form of clothing quilts for twin girls who live in my neighborhood.  They're 7 years old now and their mom brought me some of their favorite baby/toddler clothes to be made into quilts, one for each of them.  What a great idea!

Like all memory or t-shirt quilt projects, it starts with a full bag of clothes.

Actually, there was one bag for each child, but I decided to work on each quilt separately-- meaning, I will complete one child's quilt top entirely before I start on the other.  That way there's no danger Clothing Cross-Contamination between the sisters.

When I started really digging into the bag there were some beautiful dresses!

The pink and green one on top has a Lily Pulitzer label-- fancy!

Also, due to the pleating on a lot of them they yielded a surprising amount of usable fabric once I started cutting them apart.

The clothes also had many pretty embellishments, which are always fun to include in this type of quilt.

I always try to reflect the recipient's personality in the quilt.  I have found out that this child loves animals, is concerned about the environment, and her favorite color is pink.  So I'm thinking a pink animal print plus coordinating fabrics might work well in this quilt.

I was feeling a twinge of guilt over not having made a quilt like this with my son's baby clothes, but then I remembered:

He was a cutie all right, but not much of a fashion statement.

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  1. That will be fun! I can't wait to see the results.