Friday, August 17, 2018

Two for Tupelo

This summer will definitely go down in history as The Summer of T-Shirt Quilts.  It started in May with this one from a local customer.  It was an epic collection of famous artists collected at concerts over several decades.

Social media about that quilt soon generated my next 2 projects.  (Speaking of social media:  if you haven't yet joined me on Facebook  and Instagram please do!)  The chef at Tupelo Music Hall in Derry, N.H. contacted me about the venue's massive T shirt collection and asked if I would be able to produce 2 quilts for them:  a twin size one to be hung (or otherwise displayed at the venue) and a queen size quilt for the chef's home.
Well, sometimes the universe delivers exactly what you need at just the right moment.  As some of you already know, I always have a long, long summer off from orchestra work, so the timing to take on 2 major projects just as the orchestra season was ending could not have been better.

I made the twin size one first, using a horizontal layout.  Keeping in mind that the plan was to display it at the venue, it's bright but not too wild.  I also was careful to keep it gender neutral.

The center block is extra fancy since it's from the venue itself.

A swirly black and gray marble print and striped binding finished it off.  I did an all-over stipple design for the quilting, and added a hanging sleeve on the back.

Next was the queen size quilt for the chef's home.

For a quilt for someone's home I felt I could be a little more relaxed with the color choices, so this one is a little brighter and has some bolder prints.  And just for variation it's arranged in a vertical pattern.

Both of these quilts used a lot of fun music prints ( has a great fat quarter collection here ).  The chef mentioned that her husband is a bass player so I thought that red and black print was particularly fitting.

It's one of the largest quilts I've ever made, measuring about 90 x 105, so there's generous drop on the sides and plenty of room for pillow tucks.

On the back is a bright print and black and white plaid binding.  Both of these quilts used extra-wide (108") backing fabrics (this one is from which I think is the only way to go for these large quilts-- the time savings is significant, plus the quilts baste easier and therefore quilt more smoothly. 


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  1. You do such a good job with these. I love both of them!