Friday, July 30, 2010


Life is nothing if not ironic. Just a couple of days after lauding my new sewing machine (see my previous post), I was happily sewing away when all of a sudden I heard the dreaded CLUNKACLUNKACLUNKA, and the stitch looked terrible.  I tried all of the obvious fixes (rethread the machine, clean out the bobbin case, change the needle) but it didn't help.  Well, these things happen, and it was due for its yearly servicing anyway.  The bad news:  it's going to be gone for  A WEEK.  Upon hearing this, my son calmly stated that I will surely go insane during this period.  But no.  I am formulating a plan.  So while the sewing machine is getting an oil change, brake flush, and tire rotation (or whatever they do to them )  I am determined that I will stay busy and productive:

A little J.S. Bach makes all things better.

    As does browsing for inspiration.  I'm always thinking about The Next Project.

Next post:  Works in Progress.

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  1. Welcome to the world of blogging!! It looks like you have a plan formulated while your machine is being serviced. That's a good thing!!
    Love the photo in your header.