Wednesday, August 11, 2010

An Exciting Day,and it's only 1:30!

It's been kind of an exciting day so far around here.

First this:
pecan chocolate chunk pie

Any day that includes pie counts as exciting as far as I'm concerned.
By the way, I'm a complete failure at pie crust.  That golden brown, perfectly proportioned beauty you see in the picture is the  work of my in-house Pastry Chef, who luckily has not yet started 9th grade, and thus has time to show off his many talents.  Thanks Caleb!  We're an awesome team (I made the filling).

Also of great excitement were the proofs for my logo.  Here's a sneak peek at the one I chose:
Note the sewing needle as part of the "Q".  Love that!  This will be my avatar and banner@Etsy, business cards, stickers, and quilt labels (although I'm not sure if the violin will fit on a sew-on label).   Also love the green and orange color combo; it's very Van Gogh.

We'll see what other excitement the rest of the day brings!


  1. I like your new logo. The green and orange really 'work'. Can I have a piece of that pie? Please...?!

  2. what kind of pie is looks so good

  3. The pie is pecan chocolate chunk. And yes (burp) it's really good!