Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Finished Quilt, and laundry anxiety

I'm so glad to have the sunflower applique quilt completed!  I'm going to call it Sunflower Rhapsody.
I decided to tag this quilt as both a throw and a table covering after seeing how great it looked on our patio table
I had my usual attack of  Acute Laundry Anxiety when I put it in the washing machine today.  I always wash and dry quilts that I'm going to sell or give away.  And I ALWAYS fear that when I open the door of the washing machine all that will remain is a tattered, tragic pile of rags and threads.  However, it's completely irrational; as you can see, it's fine after being washed and dried.  In fact, like most quilts, it looks even better after being washed.  Since I don't usually prewash my fabrics or batting, I like the tiny bit of puckering that happens after the first wash.

Hope everyone's having a terrific weekend!


  1. looks beautiful and oh I love that red fabric you used in the center of the flower...perfect!

  2. That is adorable and looks fantastic on the table.
    I have the same irrational fears about washing my quilts the first time too!! So far, so good.

  3. Congratulations on a finish and it looks wonderful on the table. I always hold my breath after washing too, thank goodness we have dye catchers.