Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Package Day

I don't do that much shopping by mail so it's extra exciting to receive a package like I did yesterday.

It's even more exciting when it's fabric!!
I had read about, so decided to take a look for myself.   NICE!   A huge selection of top-quality fabric (their website says they have something like 500,000 bolts), all nicely arranged for either casual browsing or looking for something specific.   Lots of sales, promotions, and great prices to begin with.  Oh, and free shipping for orders over $35.   All in all, it was a dangerous experience to shop there, if you know what I mean.

Resistance was futile for this one. ( And there really are little pink Vespa scooters in Paris.)

A few sale odds and ends:

Some Xmas fabric, also on sale.  If you look closely, you'll see that the top fabric is little red buttons, really cute!

No, I am not having a flashback to my youth.  I'm thinking about baby quilts.
Now, we all know about baby quilts.  Light blue, yellow, pink and green.  Little bears, or adorable tiny puppies.

Forget all that.  The civilized world is currently saturated with That Sort of Baby Quilt.

I'm thinking about a Bohemian Baby concept.  It's certainly appropriate for the youngest  residents of my neighborhood.  It might go over well with the Etsy crowd as well.  And I enjoy producing something a little different from everyone else!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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