Saturday, March 19, 2011


You remember Lindsey, from my March 1st post.  She was the blogger who had the unfortunate collision involving wine, hair dye, and her bathroom rug.  And she had made a promise not to buy anything new in 2011 (an admirable goal, I must say), so if she wanted a rug in her bathroom she was going to have to find some way to fix the damaged one.  She was inspired by my very own Selvage Bath Mat and decided something quilty to cover up the damage was the way to go.

Is that cute or what?  And probably WAY cuter than the original.  She pieced those squares together from fabric she already had, then  sewed it onto her bath mat.

Now she's thinking about a coordinating shower curtain, although she seems a little daunted by such a large project.  I left a comment on her blog encouraging her to go for it, so we'll see what happens.  It seems that she's more of a craft dabbler, not completely obsessed (like some people I know :)In the meantime, GREAT JOB LINDSEY!!!
              You can read her post here.


  1. Wow, thank you, Linda for the shoutout! So far so good, my little quilted mat has held up to almost a week of normal wear and tear. I'm still romancing the shower curtain idea but it's in the romance stage for sure :0)

  2. Glad to hear so far so good Lindsey! Keep up the good work!