Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shop Talk

Welcome to another edition of Shop Talk, where we enjoy a quick look at some of the more unusual, beautiful, and creative shops on Etsy.  (If you missed the first edition, you can read it here)

Today's featured seller has some fabulous eye candy.


Take a look at Vintage Confections

Guava marshmallow ball style lollipops - 12 pc.

 These are some of the prettiest candies I've ever seen!

How about a guava marshmallow lollipop?

My birthday is in May.  So these Emerald
May birthstones hard candy gems - Emerald - Key lime 5 oz.Drops are particularly attractive to me.  But other
"birthstone" candies are also available.

Shirt buttons hard candy lollipops - 12 pc. Spring tulips hard candy lollipops - 8 pc.3" fancy filigree number hard candy lollipops use for wedding escort cards
Beautiful, and unique!

But it won't come as a surprise to anyone that this is my favorite:
Music notes hard candy lollipops - 12 pc.

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