Saturday, April 9, 2011


SH Banner Design

I'm packing up and getting ready for the Sunday Morning Market tomorrow.

There will be a couple of new items for sale:

Mama's Quilt  left me with a nice assortment of scraps and various leftovers.  I decided to keep the fabric collection together, rather than dispersing it to my scrap bins-- it's such a color specific collection, why not just make one project from the leftovers?  And it was another opportunity to play with 1/2 square triangles (always a good thing!).

 I've sold 4 quilts in the last month or so, which is absolutely fantastic.  But I continuously obsess  occasionally worry about Having Enough Market Merchandise.  So a quick quilt was in order.

I find this main fabric really interesting.  It's Japanese style, of course, but there's a little more to it.  The light aqua background and kind of paint-brush style to the design give it a retro feel.  It's also maybe a little wistful, or nostalgic?  

The back is a pale blue and grey polka dot that coordinates nicely with the front.  And there's an orange binding in the same orange fabric that appears on the front.

Also on hand will be other quilts, selvage bath mats, place mats, Office Lunch Sets, and mug rugs.  (See my Etsy shop for a look at those items).  I'm hoping for another Great Market Day!

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