Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Here We Go Again

Oddly enough, my car and my computer appear to have some sort of cosmic link.  Either they both work, or they are both broken.  At nearly the same time.

I was driving on a busy road during the morning rush hour last Thursday when all of a sudden my clutch pedal sank to the floor, leaving me unable to shift (or really move, for that matter).  I was able to drift onto a side street and called roadside assistance for a tow truck (first time EVER for that little adventure).  Luckily, I was really close to where I get my car serviced normally, so I just had it towed there.  And it was morning, not,say, late at night after a concert on the middle of the interstate.  OK, this could have been a lot worse.  As it is, my vocabulary of Anglo-Saxon expletives got a thorough workout.
Well, we know what's coming next, right?  Monday afternoon we appeared to have no internet connection.  A call to the company revealed that it was not a computer problem (good thing, since ours had to be replaced after the last fiasco of this sort last November) but our modem, so a technician had to come out to do it.  This could not happen until this evening.  In the end, it turned out to be one of the cables, not the modem itself.

Whew.  Hopefully everything is fixed for now (knock wood.  Hard.)  My car received a stern lecture from me on the way home today, I do feel that it owes me AT LEAST another 100,000 miles after what it's put me through (current odometer reading:  115,000.)  I will say that after the new clutch, slave cylinder, flywheel bolt, pressure plate, etc. etc that's been installed it does drive like a new car.

Let us now speak of more cheerful matters.

Had a great double market weekend.  I was super tired by Sunday night after doing Wiregrass market on Saturday and the Sunday Morning Market on Sunday but all in all things went well.

My husband took a few pics with his camera on Sunday.  Check the color of the borders on this new quilt.  Nice turquoise blue, right?

The same quilt, picture taken with my camera.  The color difference of that border fabric is amazing.  So in order to list this quilt in my Etsy store I will have to photograph it with his camera.

There was a "flash mob" of Jazzercisers at the Sunday Morning Market.  I heard the music (Cee-Lo Green's "Forget You") but was too far away to see it.  Who knew the Market was such a hotbed of social action?
T0508 MOMMOB PMAS6 18639373.JPG
The Jazzercisers, making a social statement

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  1. haha!!! Flash mobs are awesome. I get the same color difficulties with our camera.