Monday, May 16, 2011

A New Project

I recently bought a set of 80 1/2-square triangles, cut from a collection of Moda fabrics called "Swanky".  I don't generally buy a lot of precuts but HEY--in this case I was glad pay $5 for someone else to do all that cutting for me.
In line with the whole "bakery" theme of Moda's precut fabric collections, it arrived in a neat little package:

Turnover 80 Half Square Triangle Fabric Pieces Swanky by Chez Moi for Moda Fabrics
photo courtesy of Contemporary Fibers
The colors in this collection presented an interesting challenge.  You could either accent the pink fabrics, and make it a super-sweet quilt, or go with the other colors in a different direction.  I don't generally make super-girly quilts, so I decided to take it in an alternate way.

 I'm trying to get an Easy Breezy Summertime feel by using the aqua polka dot and the yellow strips in between the squares of the Moda fabric.

I was literally making this pattern up as I was sewing, but the pattern came out ok I think.  The pieced squares got an offset effect by alternating the placement of the little strips that you see at the bottom of the squares.  In one row the first strip went on the top, then in the next row there was no strip on top, but there was one on the bottom.

It was looking little too long and skinny, so I put borders on the sides only.  Final size is 52 x 70".  I do enjoy a lap quilt that's a little bit longer in length like this one-- you can wrap your feet in it and still have room to pull it all the way up around your shoulders.

  The aqua polka dot strips are leftover from the back of this quilt, which sold last week at the Sunday Morning Market.  

And the yellow strips were left from the back of this quilt, called Color Concerto, now for sale in my Etsy store.

The collection of Moda fabrics came from Neemerone's terrific Etsy Store, Contemporary Fibers.  There are lots of fabric stores on Etsy but I think hers is particularly nice!

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