Monday, June 27, 2011

Catching Up

I'm back.  Whew.  What a great vacation we had!  But isn't it always  a lot of work just to get your life back afterwards?  We arrived home late Saturday, and spent a good deal of Sunday unpacking, sorting mail, cleaning, that sort of thing.  So today I had time to go to the gym, catch up on some other chores, and even do a little sewing.  I finished up a selvage bath mat that I had started before I left.  After some feedback from customers, I've decided to make it available in a larger size (19 x 35, as opposed to the original size of 14 x 27).  And tomorrow I will do some work on this large scrap quilt:

The center is finished, it just needs borders-- an inner border the same width as the sashing, then a larger outer border.  This is the largest quilt I've done in a long time, but after getting through this quilt in a reasonable matter I thought it was time to give a queen size quilt a try.

The pattern is called "Crayon Box".  It's a pretty traditional pattern that I got from Bonnie Hunter's site (she has LOADS of free, traditional patterns that are great for scrap quilts, which I think are kind of her specialty).  This quilt ate up tons of scraps of all sizes, so it was a great way to plow through some small pieces.  I was very casual about color placement, just tried to avoid having 2 Screaming Uglies next to each other.

Our vacation in Maine yielded some interesting fabric purchases, so stay tuned for the next post!