Sunday, July 24, 2011

1 Year!

Hooray for me.  How time flies!
Girlie Green Birthday CrownA year ago, my son and I were sitting at the dining room table, and I FINALLY had the courage to say what had been nudging at the back of my brain for several months.  It had started as a whisper, and then gotten louder to the point where I couldn't hear anything else, or think about anything else.  So it was time to say it, even if I was sure the minute the words came out of my mouth the whole thing would evaporate, like a soap bubble.
"I'd like to start selling my quilts.  I'm going to open a store on Etsy, and  I'm going to need to start a blog."
Well, talk about an anticlimax.  Being 14 at the time, my son shrugged, yawned, and said, "You might as well.  Let's go get your blog started."
And so The Quilting Violinist was born.  An easy birth, after all was said and done.
I never, ever, thought that my life would have A Second Act, and a transforming one at that.  But sometimes doors open, and it's time to plow through and never look back.
So this post is just to say THANK YOU to everyone who's stopped by, whether you're a follower, lurker, occasional reader, or visiting for the first time.  I so appreciate having all of you in my life!

Let's celebrate with Whoopie Pies for everyone!

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  1. Congratulations on your first year! I am still too chicken to start a blog. I don't really think I would have much to share that anyone would be interested in. Has your Etsy shop been successful?