Thursday, July 21, 2011

Charity Quilt Day

I'm always glad when summer rolls around and members of my quilt guild (made up mostly of orchestra colleagues) and I have time to get together for a charity quilting session.  (Click here for background info on this worthwhile cause).  We got together at Jackie's last Sunday and had a fun and productive afternoon.  In 2010 we completed 27 quilts, which were given to Metropolitan Ministries.  We're hoping to do at least that many this year.

Before hauling the big dining room table in for sewing, we basted 8 quilts.  There were six people there on Sunday, so it went pretty quickly.

Tabby narrowly missed being pinned to this quilt.  We simply rolled him around to get him out of the way.  He's a pretty laid-back cat.

A lap-size bow tie quilt


VERY cute square in a square.

That's Easter egg fabric on the top and bottom borders.

I quilted this one.

I love Merrilee's new/old sewing machine.  It's her mom's from the late 1960's, freshly serviced and purring like a kitten.  It looks like it belongs on an episode of "The Jetsons", doesn't it?

Kathie was so pleased to FINALLY have this quilt of hers finished she brought it along to show.  Those blocks were given to her as birthday gifts.  The block on the lower right has the date printed in the middle of it (not visible in this picture):  1992.  So this has been a Work In Progress for quite some time!  It's all hand pieced and hand quilted, and even more beautiful in person.  Congratulations Kathie, and enjoy!

Also, a Work In Progress on Jackie's design wall.  It's the center of what's going to be a new quilt for her bed (she got a new one, and the mattress is much thicker, which means none of her quilts fit anymore!). Anyway, those flowers are all made of yo-yos.  Knowing Jackie as I do, I guarantee it's going to be awesome.  I can't wait to see the finished product!

As always, it was a terrific day!

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  1. Such fun projects. Thanks for sharing the eye candy!