Monday, July 18, 2011

Christmas in July

It seems incomprehensible to think about Christmas while we're in the midst of a Florida summer. But sometimes it's incomprehensible to think about Christmas in December, especially if we're having a warm winter (which can happen here!)

Well, in any case, a holiday quilt was on my Summer To-Do List.  I had one hanging around my Etsy store for quite a few months, then it sold.  IN MAY. I do think that people will buy items off-season if they see something they really like.
Hopefully, someone will really like this one.

Actually, this little (57" square) lap quilt is more significant than you might think, because it's the first project that I've taken from start to finish with EQ7.  Yes, I know-- it's not a very complicated design.  But I had to start somewhere, right?  And I feel like I'm getting the hang of that program!

 This was a good pattern for me, because most of my holiday fabrics are in small pieces like fat quarters or maybe 1/2 yards.  So this was a good way to eat up a bunch of them.

Moda SHERBET PIPS 5 INCH Charm Pack Fabric Squares KitI'm finishing up a lap quilt using a jelly roll of Sherbet Pips, then I think I'll do some small projects like a fall table runner and some placemats.

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