Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Completed Scrap Quilt

I finished the Crayon Box Scrap Quilt!

Final measurements: 80 x 95"

I was privately calling this The Quilt That Ate Tampa.  It simply consumed everything in it's path--strips, bits,scraps, squares, they all went in there.

Even those pieces that aren't large enough to be considered yardage, but are too small to go in the scrap bin.  Those are in there too.

I miscounted the number of blocks I was making, and accidentally made 31 instead of 30.  So when I ended up being just a little short on fabric for the back, the solution was there waiting for me!  Once I pieced in that strip with the block in it, that strip on the left side was the perfect length.

 The block centers each got a large free-motion flower in the middle.  This was easier than free-motion wrestling quilting a continuous design on this large quilt.  I was able to pull the block into position, quilt the flower, tie it off, then move to the next block.  Not so difficult.

The sashing and borders got decorative stitching using my walking foot.

Next on my Quilting To-Do List:



  1. Love the aqua border - It contains the fun scrappiness nicely and does evoke thoughts of Tampa. :)