Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Selvage Challenge

A few weeks ago, Julie at Venezie Designs contacted me through Etsy's internal messaging system and invited me to submit a Selvage Bath Mat for a contest she was holding on her blog (which is connected to her online fabric store).  Apparently she loves to work with selvages too, and that was what the contest was about.  The winner receives a $50 credit at her store.  Well, what the heck-- I sent her the link to the new, larger bath mat that I had just listed.

Here are the entries.  The Selvage Bath Mat, of course, is #6

I feel like the small Indie film producer at the Academy Awards, nominated in the same category as "Harry Potter" or maybe "Star Wars".  I mean, take a look at that office chair, which needs to be roped off so no one EVER sits in it.  Fabulous.  And the bunny-- ADORABLE.  But I'm putting my money on #4 to win.  That quilt is really something.  They're all really beautiful.  So maybe I should say, "It's just an honor to be nominated"!
Click here for more info (and much larger pictures!) about the entries.

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  1. Congratulations, you are in good company! It is an honor to be nominated. Good luck!