Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Completed Table Runner(s)

You'll recall this table runner top from my previous post.

Here it is finished.  It got a fancy treatment with tapered ends, buttons and tassels.

Funny how just a few simple embellishments can turn a sort of simple runner into something super fancy.

You'll recall that this was a randomly pieced scrap project.  I just kept sewing pieces together until it was big enough.
That thin strip of saffron fabric on the right side is also what I used on the back.

(Click here for the Etsy listing)

Runner #2!  After I was done piecing the first one, I looked at the pile of scraps remaining by the sewing machine and thought, "I think there's enough for one more!"  This one has the same random piecing technique, but I left the edges plain and square.  It's a lot more casual looking than the first one.

The pretty green and brown paisley on the outer border is also on the back.

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