Saturday, August 27, 2011

Feeling Scrappy

Due to popular demand, I recently completed the third in a series of fall-themed applique table runners.

These have been really fun and easy to do, thanks largely to the "fall medley" Accuquilt die, which makes short work of those leaves and pumpkins.

This is the latest one, currently for sale.

Well, if autumn table runners are a hot item this season I'm more than ready to contribute my share.  But I was feeling a little stale after doing basically the same item 3 times in a row.  Time to shake things up a little. The 3 runners had left me with a nice pile of odd-sized scraps.
Time for some random piecing

I started with a long strip, then just started sewing smaller shapes onto the edge of the strip

Press the pieces open.

Then cut the pieces apart, and even out the edges.

Now take your sets of 2 and start sewing them together.

After just a few rounds of sewing and trimming, the table runner blocks began to emerge.  I decided that 8 inch high blocks would be the right size for this project.

Trim everything up to the desired size, and sew the big pieces together.

 I added a rich brown damask border, and there it is. This was a super fast and fun project.

I'll post more pictures when it's completely finished!

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