Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I had a large piece of that gorgeous poppy fabric leftover from this project:

It was originally supposed to be in this quilt, which I made in June.  But, as these things happen, this ended up being a completely different quilt, and only a little of the poppy fabric ended up being used.

So instead, it's in this quilt.  And it looks very, very happy to be there:

I love big pieces of fabric that have big prints on them.  I would say this fills those requirements rather well.

I have a feeling this is one of those patterns I'll be revisiting a few times.  What about a big black and white print in place of the poppies, and then doing the pieced stripe in SELVAGES?

I'm privately calling it the "Ear Plugs Optional" quilt, because it's rather loud (but in a good way).

But in Real Life, where we have to think about things like Search Engine Optimization, and Relevancy, it's called the Modern Lap Quilt


  1. Really love the red and turquoisey greens together!

  2. Your version using the poppies is beautiful. I have my quilt pisted how I used them at http://mcelebrates.blogspot.com. fun to find your blog!