Saturday, August 6, 2011

If You Dream It, You Must Create It

It's happened again.

Last summer I had a vivid dream about a quilt of blue squares interspersed with linen squares.  It was an odd dream to have, since I had never sewn with linen before (and I haven't since then, come to think of it!).  Well, it was a "what have I got to lose?"kind of venture, and it turned out pretty well (you can read the post here).

This quilt ended up being a wedding gift  for friends of ours.

So this past Sunday morning I woke up and wouldn't you know a project called The Long Skinny Selvage Scarf was firmly and inexplicably wedged In My Head.  The whole project from start to finish was Just There.  I have no idea how it happened, or where it came from.  But there it was.

Fortunately, it was as easy to make In Real Life as it was in my head.

One lucky accident:  when I was done, I realized that at 7" wide it was exactly twice as wide as it should be.  It needs to be super-skinny to drape nicely.  So I folded it in half the long way and cut down the middle for 2 scarves, one for me, one for Etsy. What could be better than a 2-for-1 project?  And I always like wearing something I made, which doesn't happen too often for me, since I'm not much of a sewer.

And long means LONG.  88" long.  You guessed it-- the 2 foundation strips were 7" x Width of Fabric (44") then sewn together to make one long piece.  But it could be made any length.

As with any new item, the first photography session was arduous.  I've never photographed clothing before, and before last Sunday had never even THOUGHT about how to photograph clothing!  So it was a little bit of an adventure figuring out how best to show it, where to take the picture, etc.

So now I'm kind of mulling over the possibilities for this project.  PDF pattern?  Magazine submission?  Can you see it on the cover of "Stitch" magazine? (YEAH RIGHT)  Well, perhaps a tutorial right here will happen.  We'll see.

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