Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Quilt Show, Part 2

So as not to have a long-winded post, I thought I would divide up my Quilt Show Report into 2 posts. (See my previous post for the first part of my report).

You'll recall that the Sunflower block was the theme.

This one is pretty, but looks kind of unremarkable in the picture.

But here's a closeup from the side.  The flowers and leaves were all 3-dimensional, making it as much a sculpture as a quilt.

Another 3 dimensional beauty (the left side of the flower curled right off the quilt.)

There was a lot of discussion about quilting technique while we were at the show.  On some of the quilts the stitches were incredible tiny and perfectly even.  We theorized they were quilted on a home sewing machine with a stitch regulator.

Here's a closeup of the above quilt.  No stitch regulator here-- check out the second line of stitching from the top.  I was overjoyed to see that this world-class artist also has somewhat uneven free motion quilting technique, just like me!  (Wonder if she plays violin as well?).  In no way did this detract from the beauty of this piece.  In a room full of unbelievable (and unattainable) perfection, this was truly inspiring to see.

And a plain old star block morphed into a sunflower by quilting a sunflower shape on top of it.

Above is the winning quilt.  Words fail me, and the picture doesn't even come close to doing it justice.  The attention to detail is unbelievable.  This was another of the quilts with teeny tiny perfect stitches, too perfect to have been done with regular free-motion, and too small to have been done by a long-arm machine.  (It wasn't done by hand, either.)

A closeup of one of the blocks shows the beading on the black fabric, and the sequins on the blue petals.

If I had to choose a favorite, it was this one:
I love the concept of the flower garden growing straight out of the bottom of the quilt.  And the applique is really beautiful, especially how the leaves are cut out, so you can see the background showing through them.  I want to make a quilt like this. 

I hope you enjoyed The Quilt Show!

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  1. Such amazing creativity!! Wow. I actually thought the first one was super cool even without all the sculpting.

    And I'm so very glad you showed the uneven stitches of the one quilt! Maybe I'm braver now about entering some of my own imperfect work in a show someday soon. . .