Friday, September 30, 2011

Almost finished!

You recall this pile of vintage blocks and coordinating fabrics.  I was dying to do something with those fun, hand sewn blocks that I bought at an antique store a few years ago.

There were quite a few of the lavender and black and white ones, so they were made into this table runner a few months ago (sold at the Hyde Park Market last month).

Here's the rest of them, starring in the center row of this lap quilt.

This was kind of an unusual project for me, because I didn't use a pattern of any kind, not even jotted on scrap paper.  I just sewed the lavender/black and white blocks together in a row (so the neat pattern would emerge) and went from there.

There were just enough of the 9 patch blocks to put in alternate rows around the edges.
All of the vintage blocks were 6 1/2", so that seemed a logical starting point for the rest of the quilt.

You can just make out the little free-motion flower in the center of the block.  There's also free-motion flowers in the border, and a simple grid pattern going through the rest of the squares.
(No Etsy store listing on this one yet--I need to finish the binding!)

On the back:  a selection of leftovers carefully chosen coordinating strips of fabrics from the front!

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