Thursday, September 8, 2011


I read about this in the Etsy forums this morning, and felt compelled to share the story of this award winning quilt that is now LOST.

The more people that know about it, the likelier it is to be found.  So please share this info on your blog, facebook page, Twitter, wherever you can.

Craftsy offers $5,000 Reward for Return of Lost Quilt

Have you seen this quilt? 
We are offering a $5000 reward for its return.
If you have any information as to its whereabouts, contact immediately. 
If the quilt looks familiar to some of you, that's because it was on the cover of the June/July issue of Quilter's Newsletter.  
 Apparently, it was after the photo shoot for QN last February that it was picked up by UPS to be delivered to its next destination.  But it was never scanned into the UPS system, bringing up the question of whether it was actually picked up by UPS, and is now withering away in some warehouse, or whether it was stolen by someone posing as a UPS driver.
Well, whatever happened it's a heartbreaking story for sure.  This quilt represents 4 years of work for quiltmaker Janet Atkins-- it was done completely by hand.
So like I said, the more people that know about this the more likely it is to be found
The complete post from the Craftsy website is here

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