Friday, October 21, 2011

My Morning

Most weekdays, my son and I are in the car at 7 a.m. to drive to school.
But today was a lucky day:  he was off from school, and I was off from work!  I enjoyed a slightly more leisurely morning, before getting down to business:
It was a perfect day for basting the twin size scrap quilt. Anyone else use a "Kwik Klip" (that gizmo with the wooden handle in the upper left corner of the picture)?  Mine dates from my first quilting class and I've never basted a quilt without it, not in nearly 20 years of quilting.  Basically, you just hold the wooden handle with one hand and lean the safety pin on the pointy end of the Kwik Klip, instead of your finger, when you're closing the pin.  Best Basting Aid Ever!  It really saves your fingers.

It felt like a big job to baste this one by myself, even though I took a break about midday for lunch and a few errands, then came back and finished it in the afternoon.

My hamstrings are definitely going to hurt tomorrow (but it's worth it!)

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